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吉祥寺★恋色デイズ / Dreamy Days in West Tokyo ~ Rihito Hatsune

With Dreamy Days in West Tokyo coming out soon in English, I thought I would make a case for Rihito since he’s my favorite character from the game. He won me over straightaway in the prologue, if only because I thought the circumstances between him and the MC were hilarious.

Rihito, affectionately dubbed “Ricchan” by the MC, is the person the MC has wanted to see the most after returning to her hometown. BUT, the thing is, this whole time since they were kids, the MC thought Rihito was a girl. To her, Rihito has always been the cute girl from piano school.

However, he’s come from a crybaby to a mischievous tease, so as “punishment” for thinking he was a girl this whole time, Rihito kisses her on the cheek! Keep in mind this is their first interaction in 10 years. lol

The MC’s not quite sure what to make of him anymore, and I thought it was fun to see the progress in the story as she starts to see him in a new light. Rihito has changed drastically but also stayed the same in some aspects. What I like about this game is there are also some extra childhood flashback stories at the end of certain chapters. I think there were maybe 3 in all for Rihito? It gives some cute and nice background to how they were as kids. The MC was always the one protecting and supporting Rihito (and in some cases, unintentionally making him cry whenever she referred to him as a girl, but never realizing that was the reason why lol), and now that they’re older, Rihito wants to be there for her like she was for him.

Unfortunately, Rihito is 5th on the character list, so I don’t think he’ll be released for a while. I’ve played all his individual stories available so far on the Japanese app (omg, the ending to his sequel (*ノωノ) It’s definitely in my top 5 faves for the flail factor and the lmao factor w/ the other guys after the fact - let’s just say Rihito doesn’t care if he shares too much information), so I’ll probably post his CGs later.

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