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Love Triangle in New York Event (8/29-9/13)
Love Letter From Thief X (Joshige)

有栖川 雪 (Arisugawa Yuki)

This guy shows up in Hiro’s route and I wasn’t sure what to think of him at first, but he pretty much charmed me by the end. I actually haven’t played much of LLFTX, so I wasn’t sure if he was an event-only character or not, but after a little research, I was pleased to find that Yuki is in fact one of LLFTX’s newest playable characters (having just debuted earlier this year). Though he’ll probably take forever to reach the English version…

I love Yuki’s character design. I actually really like his hair and I’m always for a man in a three-piece suit. The loose tie is a nice touch which tells us that while he’s required to wear a suit for his job, he’s a more casual kind of guy. The glimpses we get into his character during the event intrigued me, enough that I would willingly pay for a main route with him and then some. He’s the sort of cool, somewhat rude (or just bluntly honest) character who’s actually not so bad after all (y’know… the usual lol). Yuki surprised me when he complimented the MC, charmed me with his smile (the more genuine one, not the haughty one lol), and then pretty much had me when he switched ramen meals for the MC. I look forward to his main route in the future, however (very) faraway that is.

With Takuto’s and Atsumu’s routes not yet out, Yuki remains the only actual interesting love “rival” in this LLFTX event. The other corners of the triangles in Riki’s and Kenshi’s route are blah and clearly not meant to be an actual challenge. For this event, they certainly use “love triangle” in the loosest of terms.

SPOILERS! Click on the link below to read a long summary of Yuki and what he’s up to in Hiro’s route.
Anyways! In the event, the MC wants to try this special limited ramen from a ramen restaurant she saw in an article. She’s just beginning to order it when she’s interrupted by the man sitting next to her, who orders it before her. As luck would have it, he ordered the last one. The MC is shocked/annoyed and left to order a large ramen set instead. It doesn’t help matters that the guy gets a phone call and has to leave in a hurry. This in fact annoys the MC even more since he didn’t finish the ramen and she can still see the steam coming off it. lol

Later on, she and Hiro are on a date in Central Park, and they run into Tatsuro. And who happens to be with him but the ramen guy who interrupted her. He turns out to be Yuki Arisugawa, a colleague of Tatsuro’s and a FBI investigator. He refers to her as the ‘large ramen woman’, to which the MC immediately retorts in her head And whose fault is that?!. Tatsuro comments on how the “amusing Japanese woman” Yuki mentioned to him earlier turned out to be the MC.

During the conversation, Hiro ends up lavishing praise on the MC, talking about how cheerful and kind she is, how it’s fun to be with her, etc etc. Yuki sneers in the middle of this, and says Hiro is just like a high school kid. That they’re just big empty words and how he doesn’t trust guys who talk too much. This wipes the smile off Hiro’s face and his expression becomes distant, one the MC had seen earlier on their date (for a different reason which is related to Hiro and the MC’s relationship and what they have to realize in this route). In retaliation, the MC is just starting to give Yuki a piece of her mind but again is interrupted, this time by Tatsuro’s cell phone. He and Yuki are being called away, and the MC gets annoyed since she’s in the middle of talking.

In the next moment, Yuki bends down to her level and whispers in her ear that the clothes she’s wearing suit her quite well. Because of the surprise compliment by a man who seems like he would never compliment anyone, the MC blushes in spite of herself. He laughs and says bye, and the MC gives one word of thanks. The MC can then only stay silent and watch his back as he chuckles and leaves.

On the day of the mission, the MC and Hiro (in drag) go to a club for a jewel auction. However, towards the end when the Da Vinci jewel is put out, Hiro notices something is off. He leads the MC to the exit just as the police and FBI come in from the entrance, telling everyone not to move. Yuki is there as well, and the MC panics when she thinks they may have locked eyes and that Yuki can tell it’s her and Hiro even though they’re in disguise. However, she and Hiro escape with the others before anything happens.

The day before the Black Foxes are to return to Japan, the MC comes back to the ramen restaurant determined to get her hands on the special limited ramen. While she isn’t interrupted this time, the limited ramen is again sold out. The MC becomes blank with shock and dejectedly orders the large ramen set again. A muttered “Again?” draws her attention to the person next to her. Yuki sits there with a wry smile, and the MC is about to flee, thinking of when their eyes met in the club, afraid she’ll be found out. At that moment, the last limited ramen set is set down in front of Yuki and the MC realizes she lost to him yet again.

“If you want to eat it that much…” Yuki exchanges their meals, taking the MC’s large ramen set, while giving her his limited ramen. He tells her to eat while the MC is torn between doing just that and fleeing before she gets caught. Yuki comments on how the noodles will grow stale, and when the MC still doesn’t sit down, asking if she’s okay with the soup going cold. Finally, the MC can’t take it anymore and sits back down, helping herself to the ramen. It’s delicious and now she’s quite happy at having been able to finally eat it. She thinks of how Yuki actually has some good points to him too.

In high spirits, she looks next to her to find him staring at her from point-blank range. A handsome face with clear-cut features. Eyes that are sharp but also with a depth that seems to suck you in. My face is hot… Is that because of the ramen? Or…, the MC thinks. Yuki finally speaks, and asks if she was at the club before. Being found out, the MC is ready to run, but Yuki grabs her by the wrist when she stands up. He tells her to wait. Without saying anything else, he just looks at her. He gazes up at her intently with those eyes whose emotions she can’t read.

In the next moment, Hiro appears and tells Yuki not to touch her. “You again?” Yuki says, to which Hiro glares and replies, “I’m her boyfriend.” Without saying anything else, Hiro takes the MC away.

And that’s the last we see of Yuki (unless he’s in the Epilogue, which I won’t find out until after I clear both of Hiro’s endings).

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