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Be my princess for GREE

Prince Alan 18years old summer collection gacha story



Be my princess for GREE

Prince Glenn Birthday Event

Prince Alann story


I……. really need a main route with Alan. *coughs*



Leo x レオン Reon

Reon committed a sin of dishonouring the noble goddess.

Although Reon often smiles, his overbearing aura and how he does things in his own way make other gods and goddesses shudder. Reon treats human and love as an ‘entertainment’ and makes fun of it.   


Scorpio x スコルピオ Sukorupio

Sukorupio committed a sin of using forbidden power.

Being strict with himself and other people, to the extent that other gods and goddesses are afraid of him. Sukorupio ruthlessly hands down punishments.


Taurus x テオルス Teorusu

Teorusu committed a sin of desiring too much of love.

Giving a lot of love, and looking for a lot of love - kinds words and smiles are merely means of getting love. 


Gemini x デューイ Dewey (?)

" I still can’t tell you about my secrets yet."


Aquarius x ヒュードハウト Hyudohauto

"Wanting the answer right away was your bad habit back then. It’s not that you don’t know, it’s just that you have forgotten about it right?"


Pisces x イクエス Ikuesu

"As a symbol of friendship, here I have a candy in my right pocket and a taiyaki in my left pocket, which one do you want? Just kidding~ I won’t give you any of them~"

Imma do my own challenge.. 60 DAYS CUZ I CAN. It’ll fuel my boredom.DO THE CHALLENGE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Day 1: Favorite Guy

Day 2: Hated Guy

Day 3: Favorite Sadist

Day 4: Favorite Tsundere

Day 5: Favorite Alpha

Day 6: First Voltage Guy

Day 7: Best Looking Guy

Day 8: Meanest Guy

Day 9: Nicest Guy

Day 10: Love / Hate the Guy

Day 11: Favorite Voltage Soundtrack

Day 12: Favorite Voltage Game

Day 13: Best Route

Day 14: Worst Route

Day 15: Saddest Route

Day 16: Happiest Route

Day 17: Favorite CG(s)

Day 18: Favorite NPC(s)

Day 19: Favorite MC’s Besties

Day 20: Favorite MC

Day 21: Disliked MC

Day 22: Favorite Shota

Day 23: First Voltage Game

Day 24: Favorite Special / Sub Story / Spinoff

Day 25: Favorite Main

Day 26: Favorite Epilogue

Day 27: Favorite Sequel (any kind of sequel. ex. princess sequel, season 2 sequel, proposal sequel, etc)

Day 28: Favorite Voltage Quote

Day 29: Favorite Scene

Day 30: Favorite Screenshot / Background / Scenery

Day 31: Favorite Guy from My Sweet Bodyguard

Day 32: Favorite Guy from Class Trip Crush

Day 33: Favorite Guy from Love Letter From Thief X

Day 34: Favorite Guy from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

Day 35: Favorite Guy from Be My Princess

Day 36: Favorite Guy from Seduced in the Sleepless City

Day 37: Favorite Guy from 10 Days with my Devil

Day 38: Favorite Guy from My Forged Wedding

Day 39: Favorite Guy from Our Two Bedroom Story

Day 40: Favorite Guy from A Knights Devotion

Day 41: Favorite Guy from In Your Arms Tonight

Day 42: Favorite Guy from Kiss of Revenge

Day 43: Favorite Guy from Pirates in Love

Day 44: Favorite Guy from Office Secrets

Day 45: Favorite Guy from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

Day 46: Future Game / App that You’re Awaiting for

Day 47: Wanted Plots

Day 48: Favorite or Wanted POV 

Day 49: Most Realistic Route

Day 50: NPC Who Needs a Route

Day 51: Favorite Voltage PV 

Day 52: Almost Finished / Finished Voltage Game?

Day 53: Least Favorite Voltage Game

Day 54: Things that Voltage Should Improve On

Day 55: Funniest Combo (Like Saeki and Ren)

Day 56: Favorite Butler

Day 57: Favorite Overall Cast

Day 58: Play Any Gree Games?

Day 59: Most Romantic Guy


ゴシップガール~セレブな彼の誘惑~ / Gossip Girl ~ Leon Gouldner
Season 2 CGs

Regardless of whether or not you’ve seen Gossip Girl, the Voltage social app is actually pretty fantastic. All the playable guys are fun and interesting, and I’ve never been bored with any of their routes. Leon, in particular, has a route where I literally cheered aloud when he and the MC got together (see last CG! :D). His main route starts in Season 2, so there is no Season 1 story for him. However, he is the best friend of one of the three initial playable characters (Marc Jones), so he shows up in Marc’s routes at first.

Leon is the ~mysterious~ type, who likes reading and animals. His aspiration is to be a doctor. One of his most admirable qualities is his loyalty to his friends. However, this is also what gets him into trouble before the start of his story. He left New York under a storm of negative gossip so when he returns, he isn’t exactly welcomed with open arms by his peers. They are wary of him, so he is often isolated. The MC, at first unaware of the gossip, cannot understand why this is. She then becomes frustrated when her friends tell her to stay away from him, though no one will tell her why. The MC knows from her interactions with him that he is nothing like what the gossip suggests, and she strives to prove that Leon is actually a good person.

I know that Voltage has been running a survey regarding this game (I hope people have been choosing this drawing style and not the other one ;___; ), so I hope they actually release this in English. Out of all of Voltage’s available social games, Gossip Girl is my absolute favorite.



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kissed by the badest bidder
spin off special story

Their yukata figure is very cool😍💕


Be My Princess Season1&2 For GREE (JP)
Glenn Birthday Event(7/10) Special CGs


Yuzuki’s love for strawberries goes above and beyond.